The Bahrain-C3 Davos of Healthcare™ & Business Summit will identify the major challenges and opportunities facing the new realities around the future of healthcare, technology and energy. Through collaboration and knowledge transfer, the Bahrain-C3 Davos of Healthcare™ & Business Summit will bring together leaders in healthcare, business and new technology to set the foundation for transforming regional and international healthcare diplomacy.

Held in association with the American Mission Hospital and the local government authorities, this summit will discuss the trends and challenges in healthcare and related business sectors as we usher in an age where data analytics, cyber security and artificial intelligence will gain prominence.

The summit also celebrates the opening of the King Hamad American Mission Hospital in A'Ali, which has become the newest, the fifth, and largest of the facilities of the 120 year old American Mission Hospital.

This first modern healthcare facility in the entire Arabian Gulf region, established by a few pioneering American missionary doctors, who first came to Bahrain in 1890s, continues to serve --- not only caring for the community but also reinforcing the long relationship between the two countries.